Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

Since it's been so snowy outside I thought it would be a great time to share these gorgeous postcards that I stumbled upon at an estate sale.  The gentleman who mailed these was stationed in Belgium in 1944 and these were souvenirs that he sent back to his daughter and wife.  The illustrations are gorgeous but the sweet commentary on the backs were truly what did it for me! 

This one says "Typical of Belgium Notice the Pump"

There is a lot of water between my two dears and me.

Our house on the hill?

Typical of Belgium

This one isn't snowy but it was just too sweet not to include.  It says Heureux Anniversaire (Happy Birthday) on the front in gold and on the back is a very touching note about how he wished that he could be there in person and that the flowers could be real. 


  1. I love the postcards! I mostly collect old postcards from my hometown and where I live now. Keep up the blogging and shopping........I enjoy reading and following along with you.

  2. Love the post cards and what a sweet history!! I love things like that, and I love your blog!! I am your newest follower, I found you through Garage Sale Gal's blog. I hope you will pop over and visit!!

  3. Oh how I love vintage postcards- you found such treasures!