Friday, June 5, 2009

Curbside Kit

It is important to always be prepared for curbside finds. There will be days when you don't set out to look for anything but you find something fabulous. Nothing is worse than having to pass it up because you weren't prepared. With this in mind, I have compiled a short list of items that you should always keep in your vehicle in your Curbside Kit. If you were a Girl Scout or were inspired by Nancy Drew you will probably have most of this in your car anyways, if not you probably should.
  1. The most important item is a charged cell phone. I like to go out in a van (one without stow 'n go seats) and if I haven't planned on curbing or doing the sales I probably won't have taken the seats out. If I have a cell phone I can call one of my friends or their menfolk who can come with a truck or van to help cart off the find. A cell phone can also call for muscle to help move a heavier piece.
  2. You also want to have a large pump style bottle of hand-sanitizer. Believe me there will be times when you don't want to have to mess with the cap. This is always handy to have anyways.
  3. A roll of paper towels is great too. If there is a lot of dirt/dust/??? hanging off of your find you can try to get the worst of it off prior to loading it into your car. Plus you can wipe off the worst of whatever is now on your hands before slathering them with antibacterial gel. This is something also good to have to check fluid levels when stranded at the side of the road.
  4. An old blanket or drop cloth is handy to protect the inside of your vehicle from getting too dirty. I would pack a separate one to actually use yourself if you should get stranded on the side of a road in the middle of winter.
  5. Bungee cords, ropes etc. Just in case your trunk or tailgate can't contain your treasures.
  6. A heavy duty flashlight, to better see your treasures and scare off the critters I mentioned in the last post!
  7. A box or bags to put your smaller treasures.

That's all I can think of at the moment. What would you add?


  1. The one (two, actually) thing I would add to the curbside kit would be a screwdriver and a small pair of pliers. Sometimes I've come across a treasure,but only want part of it. Case in point, a junky old water soaked dresser with fabo glass pulls. A quick twist with my little pliers on the insides of the drawers and the pulls were coming home with me! Oh, and a cheap pair of cotton gloves...sometimes things are just too ICK for hand cleaner to fix! So...3 things added. Have agreat weekend *elaine*

  2. very interesting.. I like how you have presented the information in full detail. Keep up the great work and please stop by my Body Kits site sometime. Keep it up..

  3. It's been a long time since I found something great curbside...but I think your list is perfect! {I too would add a screwdriver, and a pr. of pliers.}
    Thanks so much for visiting me today.
    :) Lidy

  4. Well..I see we would be great friends:) A gal after my own heart...:) Thanks for stopping by and the city where I live had curb side pick up and were the streets LOADED with curbside pickers...(me too!) Didn't get much as the garage is getting full and I have projects to paint...
    I'll be visiting you often..
    Deb :)

    P.S. I'd try not to "fight" you over a treasure!!! if we went out together!!! LOL

  5. I would add gloves to that list. I also have those little white masks you wear when sanding. I am highly allergic to dust and mold, but I will do whatever it takes to get a treasure! And most important, this next item isn't a thing to bring, it's something you should have on you at all times: Common Sense. Make sure before you try shoving that huge antique trellis into the back of your van, when you shut the back of the van, it doesn't break your rearview mirror right off your window! That great curbside find just cost you $20!

  6. Hi,:D Thanx for sharing your great tips in your curbside kit! Can't wait to see what else you have in store My most expensize curbside adventure was when I lost a god chain bracclet my husband gave to me while I was trying to haul a shabby chic bookcase on evening...I went back with the flashlight from my kit, but unfortunately, never found it. My husband frowns upon my curbside pickups, I felt sooo, bad. I still continue to look to the curbside for treasures...but, I never wear jewellry when I go:D I will be back to see what else you have in store for your blog:D
    Have A Sunshiny kind of day!

  7. C'mon girl, where are you?! I want to see some more of your curbside finds!
    Happy 4th!